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Op. Dr. Kayhan Turan - Artroskopik Cerrahi

Arthroscopic Surgery

Arthroscopy is a minimal surgical method used in the diagnosis and treatment of joint diseases. Arthroscopy helps your physician to see the inside of the knee joint through 4.5 mm drilled holes thanks to a small lens and lighting system placed in a pencil-thin instrument called a arthroscope. The word arthroscopy is derived from Latin, derived from roots, which means arthrosis and scopy. That is, arthroscopy means “looking into the joint.. The instrument that allows us to see the inside of the joint is called arthroscope. Arthroscope lens and video camera systems connected to fiberoptic light source are used. In order to observe the joint, the optic system of arthroscopy is inserted into the joint through 0.5 cm holes. Arthroscopy is actually an optical system. With a camera attached to the end of an optical system called a scope, the entire intra-articular view is visible from the monitor. As the images in the joint are enlarged 6-10 times, a very detailed examination of all structures within the joint is possible. Depending on the arthroscopy images and the diagnosis made, other surgical instruments may be sent to the site through the other hole to repair worn tissues in the knee.

Arthroscopy can be performed in a shorter period of time compared to other surgeries. Images can be recorded, photographs can be taken.

In addition, a more complete examination is possible because arthroscopy can be visualized in areas not accessible during open surgery.

Arthroscopy Applications;

  • Shoulder arthroscopy,
  • Elbow arthroscopy,
  • Hand-wrist arthroscopy,
  • Hip arthroscopy,
  • Knee arthroscopy,
  • Foot-ankle arthroscopy.

Arthroscopic surgery is performed in agreement with SGK.

Artroskopik Cerrahi

Artroskopik Cerrahi